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Championnat du Monde de Mounted-Games, du 17 au 24 Août 2014 à Gisors (France)
Championnat du Monde, Août 2014, Gisors, FR

Team Hosts

  • Responsable Team Hosts

    Jessica Foissey

  • Suisse - Belgique

    Justine Loulon

    Je m’appelle Justine, et je travaille en laboratoire médical. A 22 ans, j’ai bientôt 10 ans de Pony Games derrière moi. Si je tourne depuis plusieurs années en Elite, j’attends de finir la formation de mon poney pour pouvoir aller jouer les concours qui m’intéressent. L’organisation d’un championnat du monde est une expérience unique, et je suis très heureuse de pouvoir y contribuer, en servant de Team Host aux équipes suisse et belge. Je ferai tout pour que votre championnat se déroule de la meilleure façon possible !

  • Irlande - Suède

    Valérie Geay

    Hi,  My name is Valérie Geay and I'm 25. I've been riding horses since 2000 and I started pony-games 9 years ago. I'm also a nurse student. I'm very proud to be the team host for Ireland and Sweden and I will do everything I can to make this week unforgettable for all of you. I wish good luck to all the participating team of the WTC.

  • Afrique du Sud - Autriche

    Nolwen Gaudaire

    My name is Nolwen Gaudaire and I am 23 years old. I work in the cinema industry and I am also an equestrian photographer. I've been riding for 9 years, with 5 years of Pony Mounted Games behind me. I take part in competitions more as a supporter than a competitor. I like to be at competitions and make myself useful. I'm very excited to be your team host this year. During your week in France, I will make sure that everything goes smoothly and that you make some lasting memories. Welcome to France, and good luck!

  • Italie - Nouvelle-Zélande

    Eloise Villaz

    That's me, Eloïse!  I'm 18, I started horse riding when I was a child, but mug shuffle wasn't my talent...instead  I preferred helping out in the barn and during competitions. As I'm very keen on foreign languages, I've been part of the organizing team of the Challenge Peter Dale finals in Italy for the last 2 years. As you've already guessed, I'm Italian, but if you ask me anything in French, English or German, I can certainly help you too.  I'm really looking forward to being Team Host for both New Zealand and Italy in the upcoming World Team Champioship.

    Je m'appelle Eloïse, j'ai 18 ans. Je monte à cheval depuis mon enfance et j'ai vite découvert que “les deux tasses” n'étaint pas mon talent....je préférais en effet donner un coup de main aux écuries où alors pendant les compétions. Puisque mon autre grande passion sont les langues étrangères, j'ai fait partie du comité organisateur des finales du Challenge Peter Dale en Italie les deux dernières années. Oui, je suis bien Italienne, mais si vous me demandez quoi que ce soit en Français, Anglais ou Allemand je peux surement vous aider aussi. C'est avec plaisir que je serais Team Host pour la Nouvelle Zélande et l'Italie au WTC cette année.

  • France - Norvège

    Julien Latour

    Salut à tous,

    Cavalier et joueur depuis de nombreuses années en France et ailleurs ce seront mes premiers Championnats du monde ! Je saurai vous accueillir pour vous faire passer une bonne semaine sur le terrain et en dehors à vous et vos montures. Mais surtout partager notre passion du pony games.

    Hello everybody,

    Rider and player for several years in France and elsewhere, it will be my first World Team Championships! I will make sure you have a nice week in the arena and outside, you and your horses. But especially to share our passion for Mounted Games.

  • Angleterre - Danemark

    Younes Albhom

    Hi, my name is Younes Ahlbom. I’ve been around games since 1988 as a rider and a trainer. I am delighted to be the country host for England, Scotland and Denmark and I wish every team taking part in the 2014 WTC good luck.

  • Pays de Galles - Irlande du Nord

    Gaëlle Campo

    Hi, ;-)
    My name is Gaëlle Campo Paysaa and I’ll be your Team Host at the 2014 World Team Championship in La Bonde, France in August.
    I’m 27 and I teach English in a secondary school near Paris. I’ve been teaching for almost five years and I’m quite fond of my job even though it’s pretty exhausting sometimes!! I’m currently sharing my time between school stuff and my young pony who still has a lot to learn before discovering the world of MG competitions.
    I’ve been riding horses since 1993, and I started pony-games when I was 11, near Saumur (west of France). I’m now on a team called the Fox Team, and I’ve been doing a few competitions since last year (Corné, la Bonde, la Nocturne…). I love the atmosphere on this kind of event!
    I attended the World Team Championship in 2004 in Saumur and I had a great time. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to attend any WTC afterwards so I’m really looking forward to next August. I can’t wait to meet the teams and watch a great competition!
    I’m delighted to be your Team Host and I hope we’ll do a great job together, and of course I wish you all the best for the competition – but I’ll soon get a chance to tell you in person. ;-)
    See you soon,

  • Australie - Etats-Unis

    Zoe Fanshaw

    My name is Zoe Fanshawe and I’m 19. I’m from England and have been living in France for 11 years now. I started riding when I was 9 and was introduced to Pony Mounted Games a few years later. I enjoy competing but also the general Pony Games atmosphere and lending a hand when I’m not riding. As your team host, I will make sure that your week goes smoothly and that you have a great stay in France!

  • Allemagne - Ecosse

    Louise Bolliet

    Hi everybody! 
    I'm your Team Host.
    My name is Louise, I'm 21 and I'm French. I study animal osteopathy in Normandy.
    I've been playing games for 13 years now and I intend to do so for pretty much the rest of my days! 
    I will make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for this amazing week. I'm really looking forward to meeting you all, I'm sure we will spend a nice week together and see some really good games!
    Good luck!